Show: Duck Hunting the Great Salt Lake in Duck Lore

Duck Lore from MeatEater is back for Season 2! In the first episode of the season, hunters head out on the Great Salt Lake to hunt ducks in some tough conditions.

From MeatEater:

“Every year, millions of waterfowl and shorebirds head to The Great Salt Lake to winter and feed on brine shrimp. But, the vast shallow expanses of this lake make access to the birds a challenge. In this episode, Sean Weaver joins his friend Glade Harris, a mechanical guru who more than knows his way around both airboats and ducks. With a brutal cold front colliding with the West, this hunt is far from normal as ice build up takes out decoys, shovelers, and teal alike.”

To check out more from MeatEater, please click here.

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