Delta Waterfowl EXPO to Showcase Decoy Carving Demo and ‘Decoys of the Delta Marsh’ Exhibit

From Delta Waterfowl:

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA — One theme of The Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters EXPO is the history of the organization. Don’t miss a key exhibit covering the storied 110-year history of Delta Waterfowl, the Delta Marsh and “Decoys of the Delta Marsh” on the show floor of the Statehouse Convention Center July 29 to 31 in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Delta staffer and historian Paul Wait, demonstrations by decoy carver Pat Gregory, a display of vintage decoys connected to Manitoba’s famed Delta Marsh will make the Delta history exhibit a must-stop area at the EXPO.

The Duck Hunters EXPO will be the first public celebration of the publication of Delta’s new book, “Delta Waterfowl: How the Duck Hunters Organization Shaped Waterfowl Conservation in North America.” Wait conducted extensive research and wrote to author the history book. In it, he tells the story of Delta from its establishment in 1911 through the organization’s latest programs to produce more ducks and secure the future of waterfowl hunting in North America.

“As I dove deeper into Delta’s history, I discovered that Delta’s scientists have made so many important contributions to waterfowl conservation over the past 110 years,” Wait said. “It became clear to me that the story of Delta Waterfowl and the story of waterfowl conservation in North America are, indeed, one and the same.”

Copies of the stunning new book will be available at the Delta booth. Wait will be there throughout the EXPO to personally share his discoveries and sign copies.

The history of Delta Waterfowl and the Delta Marsh not only influenced the worlds of conservation and science, but that of decoy design as well. Wait and award-winning decoy carver Pat Gregory of Bloomington, Illinois, will be sharing the “Decoys of the Delta Marsh” display. Both are knowledgeable on these historic blocks from carvers such Duncan Ducharme, Torry Ward and Dr. Miles Pirnie used in the Marsh in the 1930s to 1960s to hunt its famed flights of canvasbacks.

“These rare, original working decoys are highly prized by collectors and serve as wonderful artifacts of Delta Waterfowl’s rich history as a premier conservation organization in North America,” Wait said.

In addition to sharing his deep, historical archive of Decoys of the Delta Marsh, Gregory will be giving interactive carving demonstrations on his own signature-version of the Delta-inspired working decoys he carves today. Attendees of all ages will be welcome to pull up a chair to witness his unique skills and hear stories of how the Delta Marsh has inspired carvers for generations.

“I’ve actually taken patterns from these vintage Delta decoys I have and I carve a kind of contemporary version of them,” Gregory said. “I’ll have some white cedar bodies and white pine heads there with me, and I’ll be carving some Delta Marsh canvasbacks and maybe a few others, as well. I’ll also be painting decoys, too, so they can see the technique that goes into actual gunning decoys.

“We’ll have chairs so people can get in close and watch and ask questions as we go — both about the techniques and about the history. What I do isn’t really that difficult or technical, so I hope at least a couple of folks will leave thinking ‘I could do this myself’ and will go give it a try. That’s how we pass on the history.”

The booth sharing the history of Delta Waterfowl and the Decoys of the Delta Marsh is just one among hundreds of exhibits attendees will discover filling the 80,000-square-foot exhibit hall floor of The Duck Hunters EXPO presented by Federal Premium Ammunition. The EXPO’s many attractions include the Duck Dog Stage presented by Eukanuba and Lucky Duck, the Duck Hunters Stage presented by Realtree, and the Delta Waterfowl Stage presented by BOSS Shotshells. In addition, a Duck Dog Parade and Duck Boat Parade are planned for all to enjoy.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Delta Waterfowl is The Duck Hunters Organization, a leading conservation group working to produce ducks and secure the future of waterfowl hunting in North America. Visit

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