Video: Waterfowl of the World: Argentina

A great video from GetDucks takes a look at the waterfowl of Argentina through expert Ramsey Russell.

From GetDucks:

“Argentina duck hunting adventures are legendary, and no one delivers authentic, high-quality “real Argentina” hunting experiences better than does Ramsey Russell’s Argentina duck species diversity is rich, to include myriad species not hunted elsewhere. Of the 3 world wigeon species and 4 shoveler species, for example, one each can only be found in Argentina. Ramsey Russell is a recognized authority on worldwide waterfowl, their habitats and behavior, especially as pertaining to hunting situations. In this Waterfowl of the World video, he discusses the most common duck species hunted, plus an interesting hybrid and an uncommon color-variant recently encountered.”

To check out more from GetDucks, please click here.

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