Video: Duck Hunting in Washington

For waterfowl hunters, Washington state offers a great deal of diversity. In a video from Hunt 41, the crew sees just how much this state has for hunters.

From Hunt 41:


If I could sum up Washington in a small statement. It’d be…

“Let’s hunt sea ducks in the morning then go hunt geese and puddle ducks this afternoon.”

How fortunate is that!!!

We met some amazing people doing some amazing things in Washington. The Otto Family is the prime example of passing down the passion of American Waterfowl. Getting to see them and meet them was inspiring to me as father. Everything that John has done for Washington waterfowl is how every one us should be striving to do in our home states. Volunteer, attend biologist meeting, participate in banding and fight to keep a species alive.

Another highlight was meeting Mather from Slade Northwest. A guy that makes part of his living filming hunting year round. The hiking, the early mornings, packing so much gear and he has never harvested an animal! Seriously!!! I was blown away when he said that. Yet Mather produces some of the best films out there and absolutely loves it as much as any Hunter.

Washington…. diverse in every way possible! If you get a chance go hunt Washington.

Thanks for tuning into episode 5 of the Chase For 41.”

To learn more from Hunt 41, please click here.

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