Profile: Waterfowl Hunting with Tony Vandemore

Tony Vandemore

Tony Vandemore is the owner of Habitat Flats and is a dedicated waterfowl hunter and conservationist. He’s also featured in some great duck hunting videos. Vandemore recently sat down to interview with Fowl Hound:

Why do you love to guide and hunt where you do?   

I love hunting in Missouri because the season framework allows us to hunt waterfowl pretty much from early September until late March.  There are lots of opportunities as a waterfowler for ducks, Canada geese, specklebellies, and snow geese.

What is your favorite thing about guiding? 

I enjoy guiding because I get to meet a lot of great people and share with them the incredible things we get to see in the field.

What is your favorite aspect about duck hunting? 

My favorite aspect of duck hunting is the dog work and the calling.  Watching a mallard turn back to a call and watching good dogs do their thing.

Tony Vandemore hunt

What is the most memorable trip you’ve guided and why? 

There have been so many it is hard to choose.  Most of my most memorable ones involves groups that bring their kids, sometimes three generations of a family in a blind.  It reminds me of my time hunting as a kid with my family. I’d say my most memorable times now are when my daughter joins us in the blind.

What makes your guide service great? 

Our hunting at Habitat Flats is exceptional and that is always a good thing … but what makes it great is the people and the whole experience.  All of the people that work here are fantastic and have a great time.  The food is excellent and it is one big family atmosphere.

Do you have any dream hunts yourself? 

My dream hunts right now are going to be watching my daughters shoot their first greenheads and first turkeys.

Favorite shotgun? 

My favorite duck gun is the Benelli Ethos 28 gauge.  On the goose side, it is the Benelli SBE3.

Favorite call? 

M favorite call is a RNT Mondo LTS.

Do you have any other passions? 

I love habitat management and conservation, fishing, and being outside with my family doing any number of things.

To check out more from Tony Vandemore, please click here.

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