Video: Hunting Geese in “X Marks the Spot”

Adjustments in the field pays off for a good day of goose hunting!

From Fowled Reality:

“Finding ‘The X’ is important in any waterfowl hunt, but especially when you’re chasing geese. They’re creatures of habit and being off their spot by just a bit can make all the difference.

We had seen these geese using this field the day before, but didn’t have time to scout it the morning before we hunted it. Our plan was to drive around and locate the freshest sign we could find and cross our fingers. After just a couple flocks, we knew we were off the mark by just 75 yards or so. When the geese started flying, it was non-stop, so moving the spread to setup on the correct spot was out of the question. We made a slight spread adjustment in an attempt to block the birds from sliding to our side. It helped a bit, but still didn’t make up for the fact that we were just off the spot they wanted to be in.

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