Gear Review: The Vital Folding Knife from Gerber

Folding VitalWhen I was a youngster, I dreamed of the convenience of a folding knife for field use when hunting. However, at that time, I also feared these knives as horror stories of injuries were widely circulated. On top of that, the early 90s brought many cinematic masterpieces that featured the likes of Chucky, Jason, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers. Perhaps I unfairly associated all of these things together.

Well, times have changed. I no longer fear Chucky, and folding knives have undergone many changes and improvements. And like so many big game and bird hunters, the Gerber Vital Pocket Folder is now a go-to in the field.

First things first, Gerber proudly boasts that these knives have numerous features that make these knives safer. Sure enough, this knife has several features that lock the blades into place. For me, with thoughts of Freddy Krueger in my subconscious, I cut with confidence when using this knife. And while Gerber’s safety features are largely centered around locking features and the blade itself, the grip also helps ensure safety.

Exaggerated ridges on three places on the grip as well as a large index finger choil give this knife the best grip I’ve ever had on a knife. Sure, I have beautiful knives with deer bone grips, but for function, this knife feels great in hand, and this is critical for those moments when you have a tough cut.

Next, the Gerber Vital Pocket Folder comes with six 60# razor blades and each is very easily removed and replaced with no tool needed. Great for the field when time is often of the essence. The knife also packs small and is very light. At 1.3 ounces, the knife virtually has no impact on weight. Likewise, the Gerber Vital Pocket Folder is only 6.9″ with a 2.8″ blade length. Just about first length when folded.

While my interest in this knife was originally for ducks and birds, the Gerber Vital Pocket Folder is too good not to use for big game as well. Love the precise cutting and blade options!

The Gerber Vital Pocket Folder is available for only $45 and comes with the Gerber Guarantee.

To learn more about the Gerber Vital Pocket Folder, please click here.

Disclosure: Gerber is in a professional relationship with Fowl Hound. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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