Video: Duck Hunting Success in “Gunning For Green”

Gunning For Green – Gunning Series Original Film | Flambeau Outdoors from Flambeau Outdoors on Vimeo.

In “Gunning For Green” from Flambeau Outdoors, hunters pay their dues for duck hunting success.

From Flambeau Outdoors:

“The success of a hunt is measured by the quality of the memories made when you migrate to new waters. From big water mud flats pocked with elk tracks to flooded timber and winding river currents, an unexpected early season journey to Idaho to hunt public land greenheads over Flambeau Gunning Series decoys tested the mettle of the waterfowling spirit, the versatility of the gear, and the persistence of the workingman waterfowler.”

To check out more from Flambeau Outdoors, click here.

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