Video: West Coast Waterfowl Hunting in “Into the Marsh”

Cana Outdoors – INTO THE MARSH (Full Reel) from CANA on Vimeo.


The team at Cana Outdoors had a challenging season in 2013, but they were still able to grab some great footage from the field.

From Cana Outdoors:

“For many of us on the west coast the 2013 waterfowl season was a tough time. Cana Outdoors came into the season with ambitious goals of capturing hunts all over and piling up the birds, but this season had other plans. It brought us back to enjoying the simple beauties and reasons we go the great lengths to pursue waterfowl. This reel comes from many of hours of bad hunts, a few good hunts, and moments that made it all worth it. Last season taught us many things, but most of all it taught us if numbers are all that define success and who we are as hunters, we will miss out on the greater adventure and experience to be had in the marsh. We can’t wait to share a bit of our adventures from last season!”

To check out more from Cana Outdoors, click here.

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