Video: How to Plan an Epic Duck Hunt

The preseason can make all the difference in the world.

From Realtree Outdoors:

“The Fowled Reality crew brings you The X, Realtree’s all-new waterfowl webisode. This week, we discuss our methods of scouting for ducks and geese. There are a lot of determining factors when it comes to deciding when and where to hunt. We will often spend multiple days trying to determine exactly what ducks and geese are doing in one particular area before we hunt it. By knowing their daily routine, we are able to put ourselves in the best possible scenario when it comes time to hunt. This video takes you through our final afternoon of scouting a 2 mile section in Alberta. We had been on a group of ducks that were bouncing back and forth between barley, their roost, and a small pond. The small pond is where we wanted to hunt, but it took some observation to determine when the best time to hunt it was going to be. Once we had all of our questions answered, a decision was made and the results of our effort can be seen in next week’s episode.”

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